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You are reading this because someone really cares about you. The person who directed you here did so because they put your welfare ahead of their concern of what you would think of them. That is amazing! That someone would care so much about you they are willing to put their own fears and concerns aside and think more of you than of themselves. That means they really do care about you!

Why? Why would someone, maybe even a total stranger, direct you here? The short answer is they know something they would want you to know. It's not to sell you something, it's not to manipulate you into something, it's not to get you to sign up for something, it's not to pressure you into joining something. The bottom line: this is something every person has a right to know. No arm twisting...just truth...for you to decide for yourself...what to do.

So, first and foremost, you must know this information is in no way designed to get something out of you. It is simply a set of truths presented for you to consider and ponder. Then, if they make sense to you, which I believe they will, you decide what to do with these truths. You see, you really do matter and that is why you are reading this. Someone really cares about you.

You might be wondering what is it that is so important that someone would be willing to put a friendship on the line to direct you to read all of this. What could be that urgent? Let's examine: Ten Common Sense Truths

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